One World Theater and the American Red Cross of Central Texas partner for special program
One World, Austin’s largest multi-cultural arts-in-education outreach organization and the American Red Cross of Central Texas have teamed up to create a very special program for the benefit of the children of military families who are faced with the challenges of having one or more deployed parent. Entitled, “A World Apart, a Moment Together,” the program centers around One World’s innovative performing arts summer camp program. Scholarships provided by One World and the American Red Cross of Central Texas have been given to 20 kids, ages 5-18, for the opportunity to be a part of a dynamic, full-length musical production of “Beauty Lou & The Country Beast.” The program is sponsored by BAE Systems.
The camp began on Monday, June 8, and will culminate with the musical’s performance on Saturday, June 13, at 12pm. Media are invited to attend the Saturday performance.
Campers will be given the rare opportunity to display their new talents on the One World stage, with a special twist.
Through a partnership with LifeSize, Austin’s premier video conferencing development company and the international network of the American Red Cross of Central Texas, the overseas parent may be able to see their child in real-time as they perform, and the child may be able to see the pride on their parent’s face as naturally as if they were in the actual audience. At the end of the performance, each child and their family may be given the opportunity to interact with their deployed loved one privately. Thanks to LifeSize, families may be connected to up to four different locations around the world for an experience that is both global and highly personal at the same time. 
“So many of our Central Texas military members are on multiple deployments and have missed out on a lot of special moments in their children’s lives,” says Michael Chaisson, Manager of Service to Military Families for Texas for the American Red Cross. “This is a chance to bring them closer to home.”

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