From Elaine Acker, CEO
We have a cast of new “stars” here at the Chapter. Although I missed it because of channel surfing, I hear that Sara Kennedy, from our Education and Training Department did a fabulous job talking about water safety on KVUE this weekend. And then this morning, Melissa and Sara teamed with Kim Landry and Denise Blok’s kids, Kori and Riley, to promote the Babysitting Bootcamp on News 8. They did “live shots” all morning, followed by a taped segment. We’re getting calls from new participants, so they did a great job! Here’s the link to one of the babysitting segments. http://www.news8austin.com/content/top_stories/default.asp?ArID=244093
America’s Charities
We’re also looking forward to the America’s Charities reception at Santa Rita Cantina tomorrow evening. I really appreciate everyone who’s decided to attend. I think this will be a great opportunity to meet some of our workplace giving partners and plan a strategy to open new doors this fall.
So.. that’s the latest. If you have anything you’d like to be sure we share among our staff and board, please send me a note.

Elaine Acker, CEO


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