The American Red Cross of Central Texas has many ways volunteers can help their community this summer and be a part of President Barack Obama’s nationwide effort – United We Serve. 

“We are pleased to participate in United We Serve and thank the President for making this call to service,” said CEO Elaine Acker. “Everyone has something to give. By serving this summer, we hope more people will make an ongoing commitment to volunteering throughout the year.”

Volunteers can participate in special events, join the public information team, be on the front line of disaster response or promote health and safety courses in the community, plus much more. Go to our volunteering section to learn more!

10 Ways to Volunteer
1. Tell the Red Cross story as a member of the speaker’s bureau. Represent the Red Cross at community events like the America’s Charities workplace giving campaign.

2. Thank Red Cross contributors. Give 2 – 3 hours of your time to thank friends and neighbors who support the mission of the Red Cross.

3. Challenge your friends and family. Be the first to recruit the most participants for babysitting, CPR and First Aid classes or enlist the most people to become “Red Cross Ready” by taking the 10-minute online Red Cross education program.

4. Help your neighbors be prepared for a disaster. Distribute information on disasters common to your community and build disaster kits to help friends and neighbors prepare for emergencies, or comfort kits for those personally affected by disasters.

5. When there is a major disaster, lend your time and skills to support the Red Cross disaster relief effort. It’s easy to get training and receive an orientation through local volunteer resource centers. Stay in touch to receive updates on when these centers are activated.

6. Share your caring and humanity with people around the world. Join the world-wide movement to vaccinate children against measles by raising awareness of the Red Cross Measles Initiative. Make your neighbors aware of Red Cross services to help locate loved ones in other countries separated by disasters and war.

7. Ensure your community has adequate sheltering in the event of an emergency by taking Shelter Manager training.

8. Lend a hand to a local military family by utilizing your counseling skills to help family members cope with deployments or educate them about aid available. Help sort Holiday Cards for Heroes in December, ensuring military personnel and their families worldwide are remembered during the holiday season.

9. Be a bridge to your community. Lend your skills as a bilingual volunteer to work directly with those affected by disasters who may face a language barrier.

10. Get the inside scoop on chapter operations. Come down to the local chapter to answer phones, complete and log paperwork or help keep supplies inventoried and stocked and official vehicles maintained.


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