President of Humanitarian Services for the National American Red Cross visits Austin
Jerry DeFrancisco, President of Humanitarian Services for NHQ will be in Austin and will visit our Chapter next Wednesday, November 4. He REALLY wants to meet our staff and board members and we are looking forward to spending time with him during his visit!
Good News in Development!
We’ve had some good news on the Development front lately. We received a $5,000 grant from Temple Inland and a $79,000 grant from NHQ in support of Services to Armed Forces. Also, the IBM Race was October 19, and we received a $30,000 grant from the proceeds of the race. Thanks again to Sally Aiello and Wal-Mart for their additional $10,000 sponsorship!
Schlotzky’s and the Red Cross
Also, the Schlotzky’s promotion is still ongoing, so if anyone goes out for fast food, try to stop by Schlotzky’s and mention Red Cross so we’ll get a portion of the proceeds! Here’s a link with all the dates and locations.
Education & Training
The Education & Training team has been busy working on new marketing strategies for products, as well as our CPR, First Aid, and other courses. The latest accomplishment is a new online clothing store. If you want to check out a great selection of shirts, hats, fleece, and other items, click here!
Emergency Services
On the Emergency Services side, we’ve been busy as well. I’m dropping in the latest statistics below, but the statistics don’t really tell the story of the wonderful volunteers who are in the office or on the scene of emergencies almost every day. Sadly, a young musician died in one of the recent house fires, which you may have seen on the news. In addition to our Disaster Response Team, the Public information support was critical on this scene, because the other band members, who were also in the house at the time, desperately needed a buffer from the intense media attention. We were able to protect them and offer them the support they needed on what was undoubtedly one of the most difficult days of their young lives.
By the Numbers:
September Stats:
Single Family – 15
Multi Family – 3
59 people were displaced
Approx. $8311 client financial assistance
2 incidents in Bastrop County
8 incidents in Travis County
2 incidents in Burnett County
1 incident in Caldwell County
2 incidents in Milam County
2 incidents in Hays County

October Stats:
Single Family – 3
Multi Family – 3
25 people were displaced

Approx. $5019.55 client financial assistance
1 incident in Bastrop County
3 incidents in Travis County
1 incident in Burnett County
So that’s the latest! As always, send me anything you’d like to share and I’ll pass the word! – Elaine Acker, CEO

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