Plucker’s Trivia Night Recap by Elaine Acker, Former CEO

Last night was a hoot! Many thanks to Pluckers for hosting our slightly rowdy trivia crowd. The evening’s highlights included a special round of Red Cross trivia, Lane Pearson and Liz Serca diving into a FRIED TWINKIE, and the DJ harrassing CEO Marty McKellips and her team, The Flying Monkeys (voted best team name).

The winning team was Denise Blok, David Biggs, Denise’s friend Sandra, and Thad Rosenfeld. I won’t list the team name (I’ll give you a hint, it referenced Tiger Woods…) but they rocked the trivia, drawing on Denise’s vast knowledge of Red Cross lore and her team’s in-depth grasp of useless 80s television sitcoms.

My claim to fame for the evening was rattling off the scientific Latin name for the Mexican Free-tailed bat (tadarida brasilensis) now featured on our new Chapter pin. The DJ seemed unimpressed. Sigh…

Thanks again, Pluckers!

(We miss you already Elaine!)

Lane Pearson and Elizabeth Serca eat a fried Twinkie, (which makes Lane fast like The Flash.)

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