I had just moved to Austin in late December 2009 from Los Angeles and I didn’t know a soul in the city. Just before moving here, I made a promise to myself that I wanted to do more in my community and also in my life. And being brand new to a city, I thought a great way to meet people was to get involved and volunteer.  I considered many options but I made my decision with the American Red Cross and was readily accepted. My duties on the first day were that of a phone receptionist. It was overwhelming to learn the various departments and where to direct the calls, but it was a welcomed challenge. At the end of the day I felt most fulfilled and decided this is where I wanted to be. That was February 2010. To date, I continue my weekly volunteering at the American Red Cross and I look forward to it every week. I enjoy the staff and the work that the American Red Cross is dedicated to. I believe strongly in giving back in the world and have seen first hand what a difference that can make. This past September, Tropical Storm Hermine disrupted the lives of many in Williamson County. My duties were in the area of Damage Assessment. It has been both a privilege and enlightening experience to be an American Red Cross volunteer. 
Sandy Villetti
Proud Volunteer

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