We hope your first month of 2011 has been going well!  The close of January means the Ready. Set. Red! Cross City Challenge is just around the corner—woo-hoo!
Our excitement makes us want to sing, so we’re planning on doing just that.  Drum roll please….introducing  our latest challenge activity, Red Hot Karaoke! How many songs can you think of that have the word “fire” in them? Feel free to post your responses below and we may just work in your favorite songs! We’ll have a list of songs for you to choose from, all of which contain keywords associated with disasters. You don’t need to have an American Idol-worthy voice to participate; you just need to karaoke along to a song of your choice to earn points! 


As you may have read in our blog last week, each week we’ll be giving away clues that will help you out throughout the March 5th Ready. Set. Red! Cross City Challenge. So pay close attention because these facts can help you can get a leg up on your competition!
This week’s fact: Not only does the American Red Cross intervene during disasters, but they also comfort victims post-disaster. The American Red Cross offers personal and family counseling to cope with disaster-related trauma. 
What some don’t realize is that the aftermath can be just as intense as the disaster itself. Whether or not you’ve personally been impacted, we all know people near and dear to us who have experienced disasters. Without the help of the American Red Cross, the residual damages could be even more severe and the victims would not have the much needed support.
Support your central Texas American Red Cross, find out all the details for the Ready. Set. Red! Cross City Challenge here and form your team today! Your participation in the Ready. Set. Red! Cross City Challenge means more members of your community can get help when they need it most.

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