Central Texas + Summer Weather = Water Activities

When was the last time you jumped in the lake?  Planning to head out again this summer?  The American Red Cross offers a variety of water safety courses through groups in the community & this season we’re also offering BasicWater Rescue classes.  Maybe you aren’t planning on any emergencies or accidents this summer, but they can still happen.  Perhaps you just want to make sure you’re taking the correct precautions to protect your family & friends.  

Even if you’re simply planning a party at a park or municipal pool, this class can give you pointers about potential issues to watch for in the water.  Regardless of your reasons, come join a Basic Water Rescue class to learn more about boating safety, home-pool safety, simple precautions to take when “in, on, or around the water” so any activities are enjoyable rather than potentially harmful.

It’s fun, provides life-saving information & you’ll get to play in the water to learn new skills.  Come join us!
– Lis Wise, Workplace Training Instructor
Central Texas + Summer Weather = Water Activities

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