From the Interns’ Desk

By Narya Nosrati and Taylor Reed
Being a summer intern at the American Red Cross has lots of perks, and one of them is getting to hang out with these guys.  We’ve spent a lot of time cleaning and caring for our manikin friends, but after wrapping up our First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Training we thought they needed a coffee break. Throughout the training course they, along with our wonderful instructor Fred, prepared us with the skills and materials we needed to become certified instructors. 
When we finished Instructor Training, we knew our work as interns at the Red Cross would never be the same. In addition to working in the office, we are now armed with the tools necessary to make a real impact in our community. Aside from refining our basic First Aid and CPR skills, we had the opportunity to grow as leaders. With this new found confidence, we are more determined and able than ever to carry out the mission of the American Red Cross. The information we will be teaching in our CPR/First Aid/AED classes is invaluable, and the more people we can reach out to the better our community as a whole will be able to prevent, prepare for and respond to an emergency.  This fact alone makes all of our studying and work well worth it. We hope that with each class we teach, we can give a few more Austinites the knowledge and confidence to tackle whatever situation life may throw their way. 
Signup for a class today so we can share these life-saving skills with you! Besides, who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with these guys?
From the Interns’ Desk

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