Bridging the Gap Between the Battlefield and the Backyard

The American Red Cross with support from Walmart has developed the Reconnection Workshops, Presented by Walmart. This program is meant to assist service members and family in transitioning back to life at home after deployments and to face challenges in returning to family, life, their jobs, and living again in their community. Whether a service member’s absence is due to training, sea duty or combat, coming home poses unique opportunities and challenges for all family members. Common challenges that service members and their families experience post-deployment include: readjusting to partners who assumed new roles during the separation, engaging children who have matured, reestablishing bonds with spouses, partners and/or children, readjusting to the returning service member’s daily presence in the family’s life, realigning family decision-making processes, redefining family routines, and coping with long term health problems consequence of deployment. “We’re proud of our nation’s heroes and are grateful for their service and sacrifice,” said retired Army Brigadier General Gary Profit, the Senior Director of Military Programs for Walmart. “We recognize that sometimes those sacrifices mean that their hardship doesn’t end once they’re back on the home front. We want to play a role in addressing unmet needs in the military community, so we’re proud to team with the American Red Cross, especially on the Reconnection Workshops. We hope this program will help bridge the gap that sometimes exists between the battlefield and the backyard.” Led by specially trained and licensed health professionals, the Reconnection Workshops helps service members and families know what to expect and offers specific strategies to make the transition home easier. The program offers a selection of topics which participants choose from based on their concerns and interests. Each workshop is approximately 2 hours long and takes place in a friendly and confidential environment. Upcoming dates and discussion topics for Reconnection Workshops in the central Texas region include:
– February 23, discussing “Communicating Clearly”
– March 1, discussing “Exploring Stress and Trauma”
– March 8, discussing “Relating to Children”
– April 5, discussing “Working Through Anger”

The Reconnection Workshops, Presented by Walmart are free for all military service members, families, and veterans. Sign up today at

Bridging the Gap Between the Battlefield and the Backyard

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