The Future of Digital Disaster Response

This past Wednesday, the American Red Cross and Dell launched the first ever digital operations center devoted to humanitarian relief efforts. There was a panel discussion on how social media is changing disaster response, followed by the moment everyone was waiting for: the official unveiling of the digital operations center. Gail McGovern, President and CEO of the American Red Cross, and Michael Dell simultaneously pushed a big, round Red Cross button that was sitting on a podium in front of the on-looking crowd. The curtains fell to reveal the future of digital disaster response.

Social media is any online space where people can interact with one another. Social media is quickly becoming a powerful influence in the culture and politics of our world by offering a voice to everyone that “signs-on.” Major social media campaigns consistently make news headlines and result in making a real difference through legislation or community action.

The American Red Cross is constantly looking for new ways to connect with you and provide services to you and your community more effectively and efficiently. Therefore, the American Red Cross “Likes” how social media offers a platform for several hundred people to talk online about how their lives intersect with the Red Cross. The American Red Cross does not want to simply “Retweet” what you write on social media platforms, but wants to be part of and learn from the online conversations. By adopting social media and launching the digital operations center, the American Red Cross is making it easier for you to tell them how to make it a better organization.

To make a difference in the future of the Red Cross and to play a role in humanitarian and disaster relief efforts is as easy as pushing a button; but today, the button is on your computer screen.

If you want to get involved with the new digital operations center and become a Virtual Volunteer, email for more information on upcoming training.

The Digital Operations Center before the official unveiling.
The Future of Digital Disaster Response

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