Central Texas Prepares with Community Drill

Hurricane Sandy caused wreckage along the East Coast, damaging homes, businesses, and our sense of security. The Red Cross has deployed 17 volunteers and three emergency response trucks from Central Texas, to join more than 5,000 Red Cross workers and 320 emergency response trucks across the East Coast. Even without the talented and trained volunteers already deployed, the Red Cross held a very successful Disaster Service Center drill in Northwest Austin and launched the new pilot project, Resilient from the Heart, to help prepare our community for whatever disaster we might face here.

The Disaster Service Center drill simulated the type of Disaster Service Center the Red Cross would open with partners after a disaster. Volunteers served as people who needed assistance, as disaster responders, as media and observers to find out where we are strong, and what we can improve.  Red Cross partners joined us to simulate their offered services and to explore how those services compliment each other.  Approximately 200 volunteers and partners made this drill a complete success.

View pictures from the drill on Facebook.

Resilient from the Heart will bring community partners together for the next year, to continue to simulate the ongoing challenges that could face our community during disaster recovery. This project will make our community stronger and better able to bounce back after disaster by establishing real, local relationships and exploring the strengths and weaknesses of our community before disaster strikes.

Red Cross worker Raymond Miller practices casework with a volunteer at the Disaster Service Center drill on November 3.
Central Texas Prepares with Community Drill

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