Volunteer update from West Virginia

Sandy’s damage to the East Coast was compounded by yesterday’s Nor’Easter, and so far, almost 20 volunteers and staff from here in Central Texas have deployed to help with the relief efforts. One of these volunteers, Betty Miskimon, is currently in West Virginia and sent us an update yesterday on the work she and close to 400 other Red Cross volunteers are doing in the state.

Sandy has affected West Virginia in a different way than those states on the coast, and the massive snow fall in the mountains has caused blocked roads and power outages. Some residents have been without power since before Halloween, but the Red Cross has 33 shelters open in the area to help. Betty tells us that “people are coming to the shelters during the day for warmth, hot meals and showers, and to meet with friends and neighbors.  However, at night they return to their homes to sleep, using fireplaces or wood stoves for heat.”

Of the 320 Emergency Response Trucks sent to the East Coast from the Red Cross fleet, 30 of these are in West Virginia, where Sandy has been a fatal storm. They update their location every 30 minutes here. These Emergency Response Trucks are serving hot meals provided by three mobile kitchens, and Betty reports that “as of yesterday we have served some 40,000 meals.”

Betty Miskimon working hard at Disaster Response Headquarters in West Virginia.

We are so proud of Betty along with all our Central Texans stationed elsewhere across the East Coast! Check back in for more updates from our deployed volunteers.

Volunteer update from West Virginia

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