Central Texans fundraise for Sandy in unique ways

So many of you have donated to Sandy relief since the storm hit weeks ago in late October. Here are two unique ways that Central Texans raised money for those on the East Coast!

Zach Stachura decided that he wanted to donate all of his Halloween candy to people on the East Coast instead of keeping it for himself. The ten year old approached his mom with the idea and while she was impressed, she suggested that a financial donation would go farther to help people affected by the storm than the actual candy would. Enter Zach’s orthodontist Dr. Mary Kay Becher, who buys back her patients Halloween candy for $1 a pound to send to service members stationed overseas. Zach collected Halloween candy from other students, neighbors and friends until he had accumulated 108 pounds! When he brought it to Becher’s office, she not only gave him a check for $108 – she surprised him by matching it with a check of her own. When Zach proudly came into our office in Austin a few weeks ago with his parents and twin brothers to present us with $216 we were all impressed by his generosity and self-assurance! The Austin American-Statesman also wrote about Zach’s donation.

Zach Stachura, with twin brothers Jake and Max, brings the Red Cross the $218 he received for selling his Halloween candy to donate to Hurricane Sandy relief.

Another original fundraising effort came from Brenda Rivera. She organized a Hurricane Sandy Zumba Benefit at n’Caliente Fitness Studio in Round Rock earlier this month. It was a huge success – Brenda and the attendees raised $1280 for Sandy relief! Over 75 people came to the two hour class from all over Central Texas, some driving all the way from San Antonio to participate.

Brenda Rivera and others with a check from their Hurricane Sandy Zumba Benefit at n’Caliente Fitness Studio.

American Red Cross Major Gifts Officer Janet Hutchinson attended and came back to report that “Everyone was so caring and committed it was hard not to tear up when they presented the check!” Janet described Brenda and her friends as a “very inspiring and caring group of people.”

Brenda Rivera hugs ARC’s Janet Hutchinson after presenting her with a check for over $1000.

(photographs from the Zumba Benefit are by Brenda Rivera)

Thanks to the Stachura family, Dr. Becher and Brenda Rivera! We are thankful for generous, inspiring people like you!

Central Texans fundraise for Sandy in unique ways

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