Austin teen chooses donations over birthday gifts

Working at the Red Cross I have had the opportunity to hear some remarkable stories. One of these involves a very special young woman who turned her birthday party into a fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy relief. Tori Pylypec just turned 14 and invited her friends to donate to the Red Cross instead of buying gifts. Here is what she had to say about why she decided to not receive any birthday presents:

Every summer I spend a month on the East Coast with my grandparents. When Sandy struck, I feared that the people I know and care for would be affected. Fortunately, the area that I visit was not heavily damaged by the storm. Unfortunately, others lost their homes, and in extreme cases, their lives. I watched the news and I felt that there was nothing I could do to help when I was thousands of miles away. But as I saw the many Red Cross commercials and the Red Cross volunteers hard at work, it gave me the idea that I could do something. That is when I decided to ask for donations instead of presents for my birthday party. I was so happy to help the people who were affected by superstorm Sandy. I really admire the quick and efficient work the Red Cross has done for the victims of hurricane Sandy.  I hope that the money we raised will help families as it grows nearer to the Christmas season.

Thank you Red Cross for always being there to care for those in need,

Tori Pylypec

Tori at her Red Cross and Red Gloss birthday party.

Tori and her friends raised $300 for Sandy relief at her “Red Cross and Red Gloss” party! We are so proud to be a part of a community where generous people like Tori make choices every day that make a difference.

Austin teen chooses donations over birthday gifts

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