Red Cross responds to family hit by hurricane, then house fire.

Emily Alexander and her three children were evacuated to Austin from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  They were happy to be well and together, and liked Austin enough they decided to stay here and make their lives in Austin.

On the afternoon of June 1, 2013, the family hit another disaster – a fire that drove them from the home they were renting in northeast Austin.  Again, no one was hurt, but the children’s clothes and belongings in their second floor bedrooms were almost completely destroyed.  None of them even made it out with shoes on.

The Red Cross’s Disaster Action Team Captain Tom Halgash responded to this disaster.  He interviewed Ms. Alexander and was able to provide with financial assistance to meet the family’s immediate needs.


Some of the things the Red Cross covers in situations like this are a few nights’ lodging while they get what they can out of the house and find another place to live, food for those few days, and an allowance for them to buy new clothes and shoes.

It seems a shame that a family who has have to evacuate their home because of a hurricane should have to evacuate another home because of a fire.  They have renter’s insurance, but they’ll still have a lot of pieces to pick up – for the second time.

Once again, the Red Cross is the bridge to the pathway back for this family.

Red Cross responds to family hit by hurricane, then house fire.

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