Labor Day Safety in Central Texas

Grilling Safety

Labor Day weekend is bittersweet. On one hand, it’s another chance to get together with family and friends and take a day off work. On the other, it marks the end of the summer season of pool parties and family vacations.

However you view it, the weekend almost always includes friendly gatherings…with plenty of opportunity for things to go awry and ruin the fun.

From grilling to travelling to swimming, the American Red Cross offers safety tips for everyone. No matter the activity, the most important element of safety is to be aware. Parents should always keep their eyes open when their little ones are in the pool; cooks need to be attentive at all times when the grill is on; and drivers must watch the road closely for construction or obstacles.


Road Trip safety

The long weekend allows plenty of time to travel to visit relatives, and in Texas, it can take hours in the car on open road to get almost anywhere.

Before hitting the road, make sure you have an emergency supply kit in your trunk. Filled with water, non-perishable food, flashlights, first aid kits and other supplies, this kit will allow your family to be prepared in case of car-related emergencies.  As always, drivers need to observe speed limits, buckle up and stay away from alcohol before getting behind the wheel.


Labor Day

On this two-year anniversary of the Bastrop County wildfires, Central Texans know all too well how easily fires can spread. To keep our community safe, it is everyone’s job to prevent fires from starting in the first place.

First and foremost, check with local authorities on any burn bans that may be in effect in your area. If you do fire up the barbie, keep it away from the house, tree branches or anything else that could catch fire. Also, make sure playful moments don’t become painful accidents by keeping the kids and pets away from hot coals and grills.


Water Safety

No matter what the occasion, water safety is a must for little swimmers and adults alike. When hitting your favorite watering hole in the final moments of summer, make sure the weather and water conditions are acceptable for swimming. Avoid swimming alone, and make sure children are under constant supervision when in or near the water. Life jackets might not be the most attractive accessory, but they can single-handedly keep swimmers from drowning.


Heat Wave

Local forecasters are predicting triple digits again this weekend, so it’s important not to undersestimate the sun’s ability to take it’s toll. You should always wear plenty of sunscreen, but in these temperatures, it’s best to stay in shade or stay indoors.

While most people know to drink plenty of water when it’s hot, many people forget that eating plenty of food is also important. In extreme temperatures, it’s best to eat smaller, more frequent meals.

And don’t forget about your pets. They should be kept indoors or in shaded areas with plenty of fresh drinking water.

Accidents can happen at any moment, so always be prepared and stay aware to reduce the chances that your Labor Day soiree turns into a trip to the emergency room or worse.

Labor Day Safety in Central Texas

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