January Volunteer Spotlight

Central Texas Chapter: Laura Flores

Laura is a fairly new Volunteer with the Central Texas Chapter. She has taken a very proactive approach and submerged herself in all lines of service. During the Halloween Floods, Laura volunteered in Mass Care Sheltering and Client Casework with great success. She rallied her fellow AmeriCorps members to help with the flooding as well. We look forward to seeing her Red Cross career flourish as she continues to participate on our Team! Thank you Laura!

Heart of Texas Chapter: Allen Butcher

This well-deserved nomination is for Allen Butcher’s unwavering dedication to the Heart of Texas Chapter. Allen Butcher has shown great dedication. Many of our volunteers go the extra mile and help during disasters, Allen has been helping prepare for them. Cleaning and organizing the office, stocking the garage with enough supplies to respond to a medium size disaster. He has been a great help. Few people know that Allen is also the National Fleet Officer for the emergency response vehicles in Mississippi. His passion to serve his community is only matched by his love for the Red Cross.

West Central Texas Chapter: Larry Paddock

Larry has been with the American Red Cross for about 9 years. He is a DAT captain with the American Red Cross. This past month he led a to an MFD in San Angelo and worked tirelessly to help set up a shelter and provide services for clients. Larry also is someone who likes to improve and increase efficiency within the chapter disaster response. He is full of great of ideas. His knowledge outside of the American Red Cross has proved to be a vital asset to our DAT team.

Hill Country Chapter: Mary Ann Sultemeier

Mary Ann Sultemeier has been a tremendous asset to the Hill Country Chapter in her role as training coordinator. This is an exceptionally challenging task as it involves coordinating three different training rooms. In three Junction, Kerrville and Fredericksburg. She is a DAT member helping cover Blanco County. Since September 2013 she has been gradually taking more of a leadership role with the chapter.

January Volunteer Spotlight

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