April Volunteer Spotlight

Heart of Texas Chapter: Beverly Dull


Beverly is our power house Disaster Lead for the Heart of Texas Chapter. From handling shelter agreements, setting the training schedule, and teaching new software, there is not much that Beverly can’t do.

Beverly is in the office almost every day and single-handedly ran the Waco office Disaster Action Team response without a blink of an eye for a good part of March. Beverly Dull truly embodies the heart of the Red Cross. Her passion and commitment to helping others sets the bar high for what the Red Cross looks for in volunteers.


West Central Texas Chapter: Jeanette Chesser

Jeannette Chesser

Based in Brownwood, Jeannette is a Disaster Action Team Captain and an invaluable asset to the chapter.  She has responded to numerous fires and has mentored new team members.   With her help, the Brownwood area volunteer base has grown into an energetic and vibrant group.


Central Texas Chapter: Mike McDiarmid

Mike McDiarmid

Mike is a new volunteer with our Logistics team in Austin. Seconds after his application finished processing and be became an official volunteer he was driving the trucks around and helping to fix them. He’s done multiple blanket runs to San Antonio and Waco while simultaneously completing his introductory training. He has quickly become a go-to Logistics driver.


Hill Country Chapter: Patti Morin

Patti Morin

Patti is one of the volunteer leads with the Hill Country Chapter in Kerrville.  She works at the Veterans Hospital and has been a great representative of the volunteers in a time of transition for the chapter.  She has helped keep the Red Cross mission moving forward over the past year in the Hill Country.




Would you like to become a Red Cross Volunteer? Visit our website for more information!

April Volunteer Spotlight

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