May Volunteer Spotlight

West Central Texas Volunteer of the Month:  Fred Anderson  

FVolunteer_May_Fredred has been with the West Central Texas chapter for more than a year and has recently assumed an increased leadership role.   He is currently a Disaster Assessment Team member who has responded to several fires.  Additionally, he took on the role of Disaster Assessment Lead and has been analyzing potential points of concern within the chapter area.


Hill Country Volunteer of the Month:  Jacquelyn Lacefield

Volunteer_May_JackieJackie has been volunteering with the Red Cross for only a few months, but has become active in many different areas. She primarily volunteers with Preparedness Health and Safety Services, and she recently completed a large inventory project and helped out with a first aid tent at a large event over the Easter holiday.




Heart of Texas Volunteer of the Month: Edward Jaworksy

Ed JaworskyEdward Jaworsky has been a fantastic Red Cross volunteer with us since October when h​e immediately stepped up to help during the Austin Flooding. Aside from being a Disaster Assessment volunteer, he recently became one of our newest Disaster Services Technology volunteers in Waco! Edward has spent part of the past month whipping our office technology into shape. We are so thankful for his expertise and service.




Central Texas Volunteer of the Month: Jo Anne Ortiz

Volunteer_May_JoAnneJo Anne is a fearless leader of the Public Affairs team and a skilled Red Cross instructor. From teaching workshops to responding to fires to attending community outreach events, she never hesitates to represent the Red Cross in our community. Thank you, Jo Anne!

May Volunteer Spotlight

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