June Volunteer Spotlight

Central Texas Chapter: Lisa Bovee

Lisa Bovee is a go-to public affairs volunteer who never hesitates to try something new. She works with the media like she was born to do it and supports her fellow volunteers when they need backup. Lisa leads by example in everything she does, and is never afraid to try something new. If there is a job that needs to get done, she is happy to pitch in and help.

West Central Texas Chapter: Tammy Haines

Tammy is one of our newer volunteers but definitely does not act like it.  She has taken up any opportunity to increase her role within the Red Cross and is also an active DAT responder and helps cover the office on Fridays.  In addition, she has been an active voice for the Red Cross in the community and through her we have added additional volunteers to the chapter. Thank you for your service!

Hill Country Chapter: Kathleen Marshall

Kathleen, or “Ms. Kathy” as we affectionately call her, is one of our office squad volunteers and is a friendly face who greets our visitors on 333 Earl Garrett.   She is very helpful around the office and is always eager to keep herself busy.   She is reliable and really seeks to improve things throughout the chapter office.

Heart of Texas Chapter: Bill Madden

Bill Madden has been a dedicated volunteer with us for many years. From helping maintain our Emergency Vehicle to lending a hand at any event we have, Bill is ready and willing to help! Recently, he spent a few weeks in Arkansas helping with Mass Care/Feeding after the tornadoes.  His generous and open personality helped make the Red Cross’ efforts there a huge success and we are grateful to have such an amazing volunteer with us!

June Volunteer Spotlight

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