July Volunteer Spotlight

Central Texas Chapter: Ken Armstrong
Since becoming a volunteer Ken has been actively involved in many areas: presenting NEVO orientations, CAC activation, updating Volunteer Connection by taking photos at various events, getting volunteers to fill out CAPSS surveys, and providing administration/reception support. He has participated in the volunteer portfolio initiative and was actively involved with contacting volunteers in relation to attending the Volunteer Recognition Dinner. He is also involved with the Disaster Action Team, Service to Armed Forces programs, and Public Affairs. Ken does it all!

Heart of Texas Chapter: Gerry Priori
Gerry Priori has been volunteering with the Red Cross for many years. As a Health Services volunteer, not only does Gerry help with referrals, he also educates the Health Services Community about available Red Cross services. A special thanks goes out to him for watching over our Killeen Offices over the last few weeks. Gerry is always eager to help and learn with an open heart and mind. We are grateful for his service!

Hill Country Chapter: Annie DuBois
Annie DuBois recently became our Veteran’s History Project lead for the Hill Country Chapter. She started with the Red Cross in February, and has been trying out many different volunteer opportunities within the Red Cross…until she found her place with the Veteran’s History Project. We know that under her guidance, many Hill Country Chapter veterans will have the opportunity to share their life stories with future generations.

West Central Texas Chapter: Norvell Holveck
Norvell Holveck is a tremendous asset to the American Red Cross. His knowledge and expertise in regards to damage assessment was invaluable in our recent tornado response. Norvell coordinated a group of 10 volunteers to do damage assessment throughout the city of San Angelo. He is also one of our primary instructors and always makes class interesting for his students.

July Volunteer Spotlight

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