A Young Mother’s Survival Story in San Marcos

Janie As she holds her three-month-old daughter close to her chest, Janie Loredo slowly rocks back and forth, trying not to think about the night she lost so much but could have lost even more.

She and daughter Noelia were together asleep in their San Marcos apartment when the Blanco River jumped its banks and sent a surge of water her way. She recalled waking up and hearing the water rush by the ground-floor window.

“It destroyed our whole apartment. All of sudden we had nothing,” Janie said at the Red Cross shelter in San Marcos that opened for those displaced by the flooding.

janie2Janie said she and Noelia, along with her husband and 11-year-old daughter dashed to the second floor as the water rushed in. It was in those frantic moments that she began worrying about whether they were going to make it.

When she thinks back to what might have been, she looks down at her daughter sleeping on her shoulder and her eyes fill with tears. If the water had been a little faster or if she had been a little slower, the outcome easily could have been tragically different.

“I’m overwhelmed but I try to put a smile on my face but sometimes the smile does bring tears,” she said.

After the water went down enough where she could wade through it, Janie was greeted by a muddy mess on the first floor and the furniture, the clothes, the keepsakes and mementos all were ruined.

For Janie, it means starting over.janie3

“I’m kind of scared and terrified. Where do I look? Right now we’re homeless. But I’m trying to keep my confidence up,” she said. “I’m trying to keep my spirits up, but it’s hard…it really is.”

In the coming days and weeks, Red Cross caseworkers will sit down one on one with families like Jamie’s to figure out what comes next and help them get back on their feet.

A Young Mother’s Survival Story in San Marcos

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