Making Friends and Starting Over

Making Friends and Starting Over
Shelter resident, Jerry Garcia shares a heartfelt goodbye with Red Cross volunteer Janet Upchurch in San Marcos.

Janet Upchurch, a Red Cross Volunteer from Riverside, California, has made a new friend and now it’s hard to say “good-bye”.  Upchurch met her new friend, Jerry Garcia, in the San Marcos Shelter after his family evacuated the rising flood waters.

“They escaped with their lives,” Upchurch shares, “and nothing more. They lost everything.  Our Red Cross caseworker has secured for them an apartment now, but Jerry doesn’t want to leave. ”

Upchurch tells of how the shelter had become Jerry’s home and how they have become fast friends.  “He really enjoys watching movies on the TV here.  He doesn’t ask for anything, and is so happy.  I know having a real home again is the best thing and he’s shared that he’s going to miss us too.  Living in a shelter can be very stressful, but Jerry is always smiling.  He’s brought out the best in me, and I’m going to miss his, sweet, sweet soul.  But I’m happy for him and his mother.  With the help of the Red Cross, they can start the process of recovery.”

During the coming weeks, the Red Cross will be helping many families like Jerry’s start that process of recovery and needs your help in making this happen.  Please help families like Jerry’s start over.  Visit to make a donation to Disaster Relief.

Making Friends and Starting Over

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