The Joy of Serving as a Red Cross Nurse

By Michele Maki, American Red Cross

Red Cross Nurse“Helping folks is what we do. It’s what I love about being a Red Cross Nurse.” Cathy Keir, RN. has come from Arizona to help the flood stricken residents of San Marcos, TX.

“This morning was a perfect example of what we do.” Nurse Keir shared. “ We had a woman staying in our shelter who had run out of her medications. Some of these medications must be taken daily, and she had run out several days ago. Just being able to help her get those medicines filled today and seeing her expression of relief made my day! I know that what I do and what all our Red Cross volunteers do, makes a difference in the lives of these folks. It’s why we leave our homes and families within 24 hours of a phone call to fly across the country and help. It gives me such fulfillment, such joy.”

Nurse Keir has been a Red Cross volunteer for only about two and a half years, but clearly she is a veteran in helping people in need. Her eyes met with the woman she is helping and her concern is apparent. She reaches out and reassures this woman that she need not worry any more about how to get her medicines. She will see that she gets them.

This scene will be repeated perhaps several dozen times just in one day at the shelter. “There is such a need here. These people have lost so much. Some have come here with only the clothes on their backs. They need our help and we, as the Red Cross, will do all we can to see that their essential needs are met.”

The Joy of Serving as a Red Cross Nurse

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