Donor spotlight: Cleveland Terrazas PLLC

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It’s no secret that the American Red Cross relies on the generosity of donors to carry out its mission. Here in Central Texas, we are lucky to have many supporters—both individuals and organizations—who make our work possible through financial contributions.

And behind the invaluable monetary donations we receive from these partners are some truly inspiring stories.


Kevin Terrazas at Luminaria 2017, a military-focused fundraising gala for the American Red Cross Serving Central Texas.

Kevin Terrazas currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of the Directors for the American Red Cross Serving Central Texas, and is a co-founder of Cleveland Terrazas PLLC, an Austin-based boutique law firm.

Terrazas has been involved with the Red Cross in a formal role since 2011, but his knowledge of the organization goes back to the time he spent serving in the Army in Iraq. He says he saw how the Red Cross helped his fellow soldiers and recalls one specific case when a Red Cross message enabled his friend get home in time for the birth of his baby.

Kevin and Patricia Terrazas
Kevin Terrazas with his wife Patricia at a Red Cross appreciation event in 2016.

When Terrazas settled in Austin and made acquaintance with members of the Board of the Directors for the local Red Cross chapter, he wanted to learn more.

What he found inspired him to become more involved with the organization.

“I learned that the Red Cross is highly efficient and motivated,” Terrazas said. “I discovered an organization that is nondenominational in every sense of the word. The only qualification to receive Red Cross services is that you are truly in need. ”

He learned things about the Red Cross that he never knew, and wanted to spread the word and support the cause.

“My wife and I decided many years ago that we don’t own anything,” Terrazas says of his family’s decision to designate a percentage of their income to charities that they believe in.

Tim Cleveland at Luminaria 2017, the annual fundraising gala for the American Red Cross Serving Central Texas.

Motivated by his faith to be an example in helping others, Terrazas has grown his investment of both time and money over the last several years. He has also introduced many people, including his business partner, Tim Cleveland, to the many Red Cross programs and services delivered right here in Central Texas.

Cleveland and Terrazas have been partners for two and half years, and their firm donated $25,000 to the Red Cross as sponsors of the 2017 annual fundraising gala. Terrazas says that they realized—together with their families—they could make a bigger impact together than they could apart.

“It’s truly a team effort. As a group we can do more than we can as individuals.”

Donor spotlight: Cleveland Terrazas PLLC