Volunteers with the American Red Cross all have various motivations to give their time to prevent and alleviate human suffering. For someone like longtime volunteer Demond George, his motivations are nothing but inspiring to others.

Having been forced to evacuate due to the disastrous Hurricane Katrina storms in 2005, Demond found his way to San Antonio and back to the American Red Cross, this time as a volunteer giving his time to help others affected by disasters.

“Demond is one of those volunteers that brings everyone together, and his positive attitude is contagious to all,” Disaster Program Manager, Tracy Beach, who serves as Demond’s primary volunteer manager said very candidly, “I don’t know where the San Antonio office would be without him. He is the glue that keeps us all connected and serves as a bridge between departments, communities and clients.”

Of all the things Demond does as part of his volunteer work, he says driving the Emergency Response Vehicles (ERV) is his favorite as it usually lets him do what he loves the most about volunteering: getting the chance to help clients rebuild. Demond’s gentle and caring persona allows him to connect both with community partners and clients alike building relationships that are essential to Red Cross success. As Tracy adds, “His work in the community shows how we need volunteers of all backgrounds and walks of life to help us achieve our goal of helping as many people as possible.”

Citing former President Barack Obama as someone he looks up to, Demond shares that’s why the Red Cross is the place for him. “We do what we need to help people,” Demond said. “President Obama stands up for what is right, and that’s what we do too. We find a way to get to ‘yes’ to help people.”

Just as President Obama serves as an inspiration for Demond, Demond does the same for many other volunteers. “Other volunteers see how cross-functional he is across all departments, and they are inspired to do the same,” Tracy shared. “From washing cars and responding to home-fire calls to building comfort kits and supporting other lines of business, Demond motivates others to get out of their comfort zone and try new opportunities.”

In the next 10 years, Demond hopes to continue serving the Red Cross mission in the community but also could become our next YouTube viral sensation showing off his hidden talents and connecting with individuals all over the world. Even his goals of becoming a YouTube sensation is founded in the hopes of having a platform to do good, and for as long as Demond is a Red Cross volunteer, we will continue to thrive as an organization serving vulnerable communities.

Congratulations to Demond for winning Volunteer of the Quarter after being nominated by several individuals across multiple lines of business in the American Red Cross Serving Central and South Texas Region!